About us

Restaurant Zdrava voda Jablanica

About us

Restaurant “Zdrava voda” (Healthy water) is located on the highway out of Jablanica on the way toward the Adriatic Sea. It sits in the valley of Neretva, in the oasis of silence and nature's beauty. Restaurant “Zdrava voda” Jablanica with 40 years long tradition offers you traditional meal speciality of Jablanica – roasted lamb slowly cooked an open fire on a spit.

Healthy water, healthy food....

Tired travelers will be warmly received by the staff and offered a wide choice of food and drinks to refresh them before they continue on their yourney.

In the menu, you can find meridian specialities from roast, a wide choice of drinks by book, a fresh trout, and we especially mark off the tradition speciality of Jablanica-roasted lamb, who made an own brend. You have a good view from the terrace to Neretva and the cultural-historical monument-broken bridge and memorial Museum “Bitka za ranjenike na Neretvi”. The dining area both inside and outside on the terrace provides a beautiful view of the always green Neretva river, and it's ideal for rest and relaxation. There is sample parking in front of the restaurant for your car at any time.

The distance from the restaurant to Adriatic Sea is one hour by car, half an hour from the ski-center Risovac, and because of that Zdrava voda has become a favorite destination of many tourists from the country and abroad.

The friendly staff will take care of any wish you have, and the pleasant atmosphere at the restaurant will make your staying unforgettable.