Restaurant Zdrava voda Jablanica

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Restaurant Zdrava voda Jablanica with the 50-year tradition offers a traditional specialty lamb slowly cooked an open fire on a spit......

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Restaurant “Zdrava voda” Jablanica (Healthy water) is located on the highway out of Jablanica on the way toward the Adriatic Sea.....

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Reserve a business lunch, a dinner with friends, family or business partners in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant....

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A unique gastronomic experience

"Restaurant Zdrava voda offers a big number of home made specialities and traditional meal speciality of Jablanica – lamb slowly cooked an open fire on a spit"


Refresh yourself with a large selection of refreshing drinks...


Traditional meal speciality of Jablanica – lamb slow cooked an open fire on a spit...


Large selection of grilled dishes...


Take a break with friends in a pleasant atmosphere with warm drinks...

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Restaurant "Zdrava voda" Jablanica
Mostarska, 88420 Jablanica

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Phone: 00387 36 753 151
Fax: 00387 36 757 087

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